Thursday, August 11, 2011

Slow brewing month...

Really want to get back in the swing of things, but the vacation, the kids school start-up, and a large load of work from the employer have taken precedence. I have a hefe in the bottle for three weeks now that I realize I haven't documented yet, so I'll have to add that post shortly.

On deck (ingredients on hand):

Oktoberfest (first lager!)
Pale Ale
Gluten-free Sorghum Ale

Upcoming (need to make purchases):

Yazoo Gerst Amber
Yazoo Sly Rye Porter
Yazoo Pale Ale
Another crack at Winter Welcome
Another crack at a bitter or ESB
Loved the last Fat Tire clone
Haven't done an IPA in ages
Casually thinking of doing the Midwest Kit of the Month, simply to cut down on decision-making
May look at the Northern Brewer Surly series
Been wanting to do a roggenbier
Want to work through some of the Classic Beer Styles I haven't done yet


  1. Been slow for me too. I think I need to do a couple Mr. Beer batches to get back in the swing of things.

  2. Get the Northern Brewer Pro Series Surly Furious kit. I did it and loved it. It's on the schedule to do again only using lager yeast. Also if you do use it grab WLP007 it's the yeast they actually use.

  3. The Furious kit is on my short list. I see it's out of stock at the moment, though the instructions give me everything I need to put it together myself (outside of the mysterious "Furious Dry Hop Blend"). Midwest also carries the "Ferocious" kit which they say they developed with the Surly folks (though their grain mix is a bit different), and they list 1
    oz. Ahtanum, 1 oz. Amarillo and 1 oz. Simcoe leaf as their dry hop...

  4. The Midwest and old Northern kit were developed by the shops and given to Surly to review. The ProKits are the recipes direct from Todd (Surly headbrewer) himself.

    As far as the Furious Dry Hop Blend goes, multiple your simcoe by 6-8 and you should have it. The actually blend is printed on the bag. I don't remember it exact numbers but I do remember it was a ton of Simcoe