Sunday, June 13, 2010

#21: Next IPA

I had a wonderful IPA yeast on hand from one of our board mates, and conveniently the IPA pipeline is almost dried up, so here's the result of the itch to get something in the fermenter: in-progress name of next IPA.

Got some hops I haven't played with before (Pacific Jade and Simcoe), so I did some modifications on the CloneBrew Green Flash West Coast IPA recipe, changing it up to use some leftover DME from previous brews (which will make mine more amber than the original recipe), and subbing in the Pacific Jade for Columbus (which I didn't have on hand).

Next IPA
\Style: Imperial IPA
Batch: 2.40 galPartial Mash
Recipe Gravity: 1.072 OG
Recipe Bitterness: 94 IBU
Recipe Color: 12° SRM
Estimated FG: 1.018
Alcohol by Volume: 7.0%
Alcohol by Weight: 5.5%
Biscuit (Belgian) 0.25 lb, Grain, Steeped
CaraPils 0.25 lb, Grain, Steeped
Crystal 20L 0.25 lb, Grain, Steeped
Amber DME 2.00 lb, Extract, Extract
Muntons DME - Light 1.50 lb, Extract, Extract
Pacific Jade 0.33 oz, Pellet, 60 minutes
Simcoe 0.50 oz, Pellet, 60 minutes
Centennial 0.25 oz, Pellet, 15 minutes
Simcoe 0.25 oz, Pellet, 15 minutes
Cascade 0.25 oz, Pellet, 1 minutes
Centennial 0.25 oz, Pellet, 1 minutes
Cascade 0.25 oz, Pellet, dryhop
Centennial 0.25 oz, Pellet, dryhop
Irish Moss 1.00 unit, Fining, 
Maltodextrin 1.00 unit, Other, 
Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA 1.00 unit, Yeast,
Recipe Notes:
steep grains for 30 minutes at 155. 
add malt extracts and boil the schedule.
Cool, pitch, etc. as per normal

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