Friday, October 12, 2012

The plan for all of these free ingredients...

Well, I have a mess of brewing ingredients that have fallen into my lap.  Here's the tentative plan to proceed.

I want to knock out the liquid yeast first.  Fresher the better on that front.  Also, the older the yeast, the earlier priority it gets.  Which leads to the following tentative, loose, probably not ultimately followed plan (looser the farther the list extends):

- Pale Ale: Northwestern Pale Ale HME, WY-1056 (American Ale - Chico). - Done 10/13
- ESB:  Amber Ale HMEWY-1968 (London ESB) Styrian Goldings hops.  - Done 10/14
- Abbey Dubbel:  Amber Ale HME, BrewMax Smooth LME, WY-3944 (Belgian Wit), T-58, Saaz hops.  - Done 10/14
- Diablo IPA HME, grain mini-mash, Golden DME, variety of hops, Coopers yeast  - Done 11/2
- Oktoberfest:  Oktoberfest HME, Bavarian Lager yeast, Munich HME, Tettanger hops.  Done 12/7
- Deluxe Weissbier:  Bavarian Weissbier HME, Weizen yeast, Golden Wheat LME.   - Done 12/10
- Pilsner:  American Light HME, Pilsen Lager yeast, Booster, Mt. Hood.   - Done 12/11

- Blonde Ale:  Canadian Blonde HME, maybe some DME, German Ale yeast(?), Fuggles hops.
- Deluxe Ole Mole Stout:  Stout HME, Coopers ale yeast, Robust LME, Brown Sugar, Cayenne, Cocoa.
- Christmas Ale: Winter Dark Ale HME, S-04, [either a mini-mash or additional DME], [hops], Mulling Spices, Almond extract.
- Mexican Cerveza:  Mexican Cerveza, S-23 Lager yeast, [either a mini-mash or additional DME].
- Pilsner:  Pilsner HME, probably some DME and hops, dry lager yeast
- Deluxe American Ale:  American Ale HME, Coopers ale yeast, Pale LME, [hops...  Centennial?  Cascade?].
- IPA:  Diablo IPA HME, coopers yeast(?), [hops...  maybe]
- APA:  Northern Pale HME, Ale yeast, [hops...  maybe]
- Porter:  American Porter, S-33, [either a mini-mash or additional DME], [hops...  maybe].
- Patriot Lager:  Patriot Lager HME, some yeast, some DME, some hops

That will leave a bunch of hops (may add some to the above), a heap of Coopers ale yeast, a few Coopers wheat yeast, champagne yeast, Trappist liquid yeast (figure I'll do a nice AG with this), 34/70 lager yeast (ditto), and WB-06 wheat yeast remaining for other recipes. 

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